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September 3, 2022
The Green Magicians

In this blog I wanted to share some musings about how green our company is.

The British government has a net zero target by 2050. This is a clear mandate and we all must play a part.

In my personal life I do everything I can to be as ‘green’ as possible (recycling, reduction in my use of energy at home and avoiding driving where possible. I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my own ‘personal emissions’). 

Being an entertainment agency, we book magicians for events which involves travelling to a location and this generate emissions. Interestingly, when the company first started all bookings were virtual which generally meant performing to a screen at home and thus not travelling anywhere. However, we are now fully back in the swing of things meaning our Magicians are required to travel the length and breadth of the country. It is always a consideration for us how we travel to fulfil our event bookings, but this is generally a question of what time the Magician needs to leave home as opposed to what mode of transport to take to get to the event destination. We are now starting to consider this in greater detail.

It’s not easy though. Our Magicians take props, and sometime different costumes (Steve Ashcroft performing as a jester!), and therefore the propose may be so large (Rick Green with his illusions) that travelling via train is simply not feasible. Even our close up Magicians will take some kind of case(s) with them and so this needs to be considered as well. If someone could invent a transporter (one for Sirus, our inventor) then perhaps we could become fully ‘net zero’ with every booking!

If we look at other areas of the business we can have a great impact upon I can confirm The Factory Of Magic does not operate our of a rented location. We can operate anywhere in the World as long as we have good Wi-Fi and access to a computer and phone. In my opinion we are as net zero a company as it’s possible to be!

One final thought; when we were designing the logo of the company we considered having smoke plumes coming out of the chimney plumes as we were producing memories hence our motto ‘we create memories that will last a lifetime’. However, that gave the impression of some old school factory pumping out toxic fumes! Needless to say the smoke element ‘disappeared’. We did joke that we could show the original logo design with the new with the comment of ‘we are now net zero!'. Magicians and their jokes…