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July 21, 2022
How much do you charge?

During our initial conversations with a new client (who hasn’t used our services before) an initial question we get asked is ‘how much is it, to hire one of your magicians?'.

When I set up The Factory Of Magic one of the things that really irked me about entertainment agencies in particular, is there apparent refusal to advertise any form of pricing publicly. If you visit most agencies and Magicians websites, trying to find a price is like trying to find the coin the magician just made disappear. The advertisement of pricing is standard in other fields but not in the magic industry. Perhaps the reputation of magic being all ‘smoke and mirrors’ isn’t just an old stereotype.

Why would you not list at least a rough estimate of your pricing? I find this behaviour strange and discourteous. If someone has taken the time to visit your website and is interested in your services, don’t waste their time by expecting said person to contact you, explain all the details of the event and then find the cost does not meet their budget. I also wonder whether some agencies and Magicians change their pricing based on who they are speaking to. For example, a large multinational company requires my services, therefore I must charge double! That’s called ‘cashing in’. Although that is the appoarch of some it is not how we do things at The Factory Of Magic.

Our pricing is straight forward. We list our pricing on our website. This is helpful for two reasons; it gives the potential booker a good estimate when building their event budget, but also it helps any potential clients understand whether they can afford our services or not. We price the way we do because we are the best at what we do, however quality comes at a price and when you work with us and see the benefits we bring it’s a small price to pay.

Honesty is always the best policy.