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May 31, 2022
Thoughts Of A Wedding Magician

Hey, Lord Harri here. I thought I would take some time to share some my experiences and thoughts about performing at weddings and even more so why having entertainment at a wedding provides so much value. There are 3 key moments in my opinion where filling a gap is vital. After the ceremony, during the wedding breakfast and lastly in the changeover from the day to the evening celebrations. As a newlywed couple everyone wants your attention and the photographer almost needs a restraining order, with all their demands but hey, that is what you have paid for. Lasting photographic memories! But what about all your guests? Ones that haven’t met before, those guests that don’t really come out of themselves in unfamiliar situations, even the guests that need some distraction, so they don’t embarrass the bride or the groom.

This is where having the right entertainment can help and magic is the most personal and of course engaging. There are other points too, the venue preparations are delayed, or the photographer wants to get those extra shots in, magic just happens around your guests making time fly by whilst you concentrate on capturing those moments or distracting from the fact that some plans have been slightly altered. It also fills all the lulls in your day, distracts from any delays as well as giving your guests a great time. This gives your guests a feeling that they are being looked after as well as relieving some of the pressures from you. There are of course so many more reasons why having a performer is great, but I will let you find that out for yourself.

I love the feeling of happiness and joy when I arrive at the wedding. So many smiley happy faces. I personally always feel really honoured that I get asked to perform. I get to make an impact on the proudest day of your life. It is unreal and it still feels surreal that I get to be that guy who socialises and meets all these family members and friends. There are always incredible characters which makes my job so much easier. Bouncing off the energy in the room and generally just joining in with having fun. That is what it is all about afterall, celebrating!

One thing I love to do is create personalised tricks for my bride and groom, this leaves a long-lasting memory and adds to their day as they keep a special magical gift.

Weddings are absolutely a fun and very suited place for people like me who find the joy in showing the world little wonders!